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EP Apparel Sourcing’s fashion studio provides an end to end service in the supply chain of apparels. We provide front to back solutions to apparel brands from concept to customer. Our services are in sync with every channel that an apparel brand needs to build their business (be it physical stores or ecommerce presence) and gradually move forward with growth and brand development. EP Apparel Sourcing enables new and startup apparel brands build their business from scratch.

EP Apparel Sourcing produces an unlimited variety of fashionable garments according to buyers' specifications and always provides honest advice regarding the order. We have the capability to produce both small and large quantities of orders meeting the highest quality assurance levels. We conduct a final inspection on behalf of the buyer.


Producer’s Compliance Audit:

EP Apparel Sourcing was established with an objective of ensuring worker rights in the workplace. As a manufacturer and buying agent this is one matter of which we are not prepared to compromise. Our associated factories and suppliers are required to maintain certain standards, of which we keep a very strict check to ensure satisfactory working conditions are maintained. Our philosophy is- if we are good people, we should be associated with other good people. Every bond within a weave of cloth matters; workers make the bonds of commitment for EP Apparel Sourcing to achieve its journey. Our associated factories and suppliers fully meet all the requirements which WHO (World Health Organization) and ILO (International Labor Organization) have mandated. EP Apparel Sourcing associates are also WRAP and BSCI certified. We conduct our own audit to ensure compliance of all related areas; if we find any factory is not operating in accordance with these standards, we cancel our association with that factory until they improve their conditions. EP Apparel Sourcing only place orders with factories that maintain internationally acceptable standards of compliance.

EP Apparel Sourcing conducts and records outcomes of audits of suppliers and producers in the following way

  • We have a dedicated team working together to gather, evaluate, and analyze the social conditions and compliance of our associated factories and suppliers
  • We maintain a database of all our factories and suppliers
  • We emphasize our association with WRAP or BSCI certified factories
  • We regularly monitor associated factories
  • We take insights from factory workers
  • We randomly conduct qualitative and quantitative research on social, technical, C-TPAT compliance issues of our associated factories and suppliers half-yearly
  • We hold collaborative associations with various organizations that conduct social and compliance audits of factories
Human rights

EP Apparel Sourcing has zero tolerance of human rights violation. Any factory or supplier associated with EP Apparel Sourcing must promote the human rights of every individual who work there at all times without exception. We are highly aware of issues surrounding human rights that have occurred in the past within the garment industry and we will do everything it takes to ensure EP Apparel Sourcing enforces the opposite message in favour of equality and justice.

The factors listed below are firmly checked by our team and third party organizations before any order is placed:

  • Compliance with laws and workplace regulations
  • Forced labor
  • Child labor
  • Sexual harassment or abuse
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Working hours
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Health and safety
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Security in the workplace
Workers & working conditions

EP Apparel Sourcing gives high importance to the organizational culture of factories where worker rights and the working environment have prime priority. Our associated suppliers and factories have admirable worker feedback and wonderful working conditions. We personally visit factories to check the status of working environments.

The factors listed below are checked before EP Apparel Sourcing makes the decision to work with a factory or supplier:

  • Workplace lay out
  • Air circulation facilities
  • Canteen and food supply facilities
  • Sanitation and water supply
  • Fire exit and presence of fire extinguishers
  • Use of hazardous chemicals that could harm workers health
  • Machinery safety precautions and production process risks
  • Primary medical support
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