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About Us

Company Profile

EP Apparel Sourcing is a family run fashion studio and apparel buying house within the garments industry, owned and managed by a British entrepreneur (Emma Jane Nightingale) with over 5 years of fashion merchandising experience. EP Apparel Sourcing was formed with a specific mission in mind for which we recognized a gap in the market and something we are very passionate about- to empower small and start-up clothing brands to achieve success. Each member of our multi-national team are driven by their collective passion for creativity and challenge where feeding of each other’s ideas and enthusiasm lend its way to fresh scope for inventing something quite different and unique. Each individual that work with us possess expertise in a particular field of apparel technology and the finely combed yarn of knowledge built by each one of their linking hands is tight and durable yet stretches to fit the vast requirements of the fashion world, economy and technology of today. Each of our team members possess the vital interpersonal qualities and skills necessary to understand clients’ expectations and needs on an individual level with the aim of developing solid relationships that is the result of continued commitment and proven performance over time, rather than something quick and disposable. The formula we work with gives the highest value to our clients which we believe is the only real formula for success. We only delve in communication of a clear, honest and moral nature with everyone that we come into contact with, without the use of rhymes or embellishments.

Our work of bringing new fashion concepts to life in the form of easily accessible, great value high-quality garments which will please trend-followers is an ongoing, exciting challenge in which we have grabbed the opportunity to stay as far ahead of the game as possible. Our fashion forecasters eagerly determine the following year’s trends as early as possible by actively studying the public’s movements towards certain trends and the successfulness of product lines. From the moment we receive an order we treat it as if it was our own, handling the most minor of details and instructions laid out in specifications with the upmost care and caution allowing us to plan and execute each stage of the process from concept to customer (apparel design through production to finally shipment) as smoothly and efficiently as possible, thus delivering the order in the required condition on time.

Our main concern is to ensure that the product purchased and released for shipment conforms with the buyers requirements. Some of our major activities include the quality control of raw materials including accessories, care labels, printing, fabric, etc and their reactive properties within the production process. Our main goal is to present buyers with the best quality garments and services at a very reasonable cost. However, we are different to many buying houses in that we don’t compete with other merchandisers for the cheapest prices as we have seen that realistically this always result in compromise to some area of quality or worse insufficient care of the important labourers. We strongly support the notion that every individual involved in this intense process should come out satisfied and happy. After all a happy worker is an efficient worker. Our company applies strong moral principals to all areas of its work and will only take part in trade activities of such a nature.

To sum up, we are always ready to accept any type of order for high quality and fashionable garments according to clients’ requirements. We welcome customers from all over the world, and in return allow us to prove to you that EP Apparel Sourcing can be your best source of buying.

Our Mission :

EP Apparel Sourcing was formed with a specific mission in mind for which we recognized a gap in the market and something we are very passionate about- to empower small and start-up clothing brands to achieve success. We are dedicated to supporting small and Start up Apparel brands’ to build and grow their business with no geographical boundaries. We deliver products and services along with educational opportunities that are effective, user-friendly and geared to help clothing brand owners become more competitive in fashion and online retail without the financial barriers.

What we enjoy the most about supporting small brands is the fresh and often unique concepts and product lines we often have the privilege of being the first to witness and helping to develop. It’s these innovations that generate awareness of the collective small business voice. At a grassroots level, we created EP Apparel Sourcing for our customers and Overseas Partners to ask questions and share experiences because we appreciate that every small business owner is an expert in their own way. We are constantly evolving and improving, and our mission to empower small apparel businesses continues to be inspired by their significant impact on an individual, local and inter-national level.


Company Name EP Apparel Sourcing Year of Establishment 2011
Trade License 03-036683 TIN 659410100950


Bank Name Soutdeast Bank Ltd. Account Name EP Apparel Sourcing
Account Number 0011100000210 Swift Number SEBDBDDH
Branch Name Banasree Branch Bank Address Twin Tower, Plot No. 13, Block No. C,
Banasree Main Road, Banasree R/A,
Rampura, Dhaka -1219
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Payment Terms Letter of Credits ( LC’s ) are ubiquitous
when conducting business witd Bangladeshi
companies.However,upon building good
relationships witd clients, we may offer
a selection of alternative payment metdods
convenient to botd parties.


Managing Director

Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology; MBA in Apparel Merchandising. Eight years fashion merchandising experience.

Foreign Affairs
BA (Hons) Mass Communication

Twenty years experience working within Foreign Affairs.

Director Merchandising

Bachelor of Textile Technology and Management; MBA in Apparel Merchandising. Fourteen years of Garment Merchandising experience

Director Finance & Admin

Forty years experience within the Commercial department.

Manager Merchandising (Product Development)
BBA; MBA in Apparel Manufacturing and Technology.

Thirty years experience within the Production department.

Sabiha Yasmin Chowdhury
Manager Quality Assurance
BBA; Certificate in Woven and Knit Garment Management.

Seven years experience working as a Quality Controller.

Total number of office employees: 15-20